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The Content Development department of Link-Systems International, Inc. (LSI) has been the gold standard of digital content development for more than fifteen years, during which time it has provided content and programming services for a blue-ribbon list of major learning companies.

In contrast to the conventional approach to creating digital content, LSI doesn't separate the key components of the content development process —the core content, the pedagogy, and the application programming— into separate, stand-alone functions.

LSI’s uniqueness in this highly competitive segment of the educational technology marketplace is rooted in a holistic, student-centered approach to content development. Functions are combined into a single, unified process, overseen by education professionals whose expertise extends to all three elements of the process.

Keep Your Existing Content

A proven ability to salvage legacy assets from older eLearning platforms, including assets from print compositor files.

Cost-effective and Precise

The capacity to align both newly created and legacy content to textbook, performance standards, and learning objectives—at a fraction of what this process normally costs.

Integration Made Easy

The option to integrate the digital content we create into a wide variety of authoring platforms, including WorldWideTestbank—a proprietary algorithmic assessment and practice test generator that is the most widely used resource of its kind in the world.

Questions About Our Content Services?

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