Tutoring Cloud

LSI Tutoring Cloud is the first turnkey solution developed to effectively enable tutoring to be managed online, an effort which will greatly increase the reach and scope of your tutoring center. There are four basic elements needed: great tutors (which we will leave in your hands), a powerful and intuitive platform to allow both your students and tutors to easily move through the teaching and learning process, a Scheduling System, so that today’s students who juggle work, family, and school can still get the assistance they need, and a referral system to ensure that at-risk students get the necessary support. LSI has now developed the LSI Tutoring Cloud, which includes all these benefits. Putting your tutoring center online has never been so easy and simple!

Easy Integration, Great Support.

Single-Sign-On, LMS Integration

Platform Technical Training Provided

Marketing Assistance

One Simple Price

Collaborative Platform

The WorldWideWhiteboard® was the first collaborative online platform created expressly for educational environments, and through continuous innovative development, remains the industry leader. It has been used as the delivery platform for LSI’s award-winning online tutoring service, NetTutor®, as well as having been adopted by many major textbook publishers and hundreds of higher-ed institutions for use in online tutoring, distance learning, and a host of other teaching and learning practices.

Accessible, Virtual Meeting Space
Break-Out Rooms
Recorded Archives

Scheduling System

The Scheduling System has also been specifically designed for use by tutoring centers. With so many of today’s students having to balance family, school, and work, they must get the support they need during a narrow block of available time. Not only does the Scheduling System provide the student this benefit, but it also provides the tutoring center with the tools necessary to run an effectively managed operation. With the Scheduling System, managers can approve tutor availabilities, approve tutor appointments, set limits on concurrently centered appointments, establish the window of time for appointments and availabilities, and set the notice requirement to cancel appointments.

Maximize tutoring staff availability
Help Students Balance Family, School, Work
Convenient and Intuitive Resource Management

Refer Tutor Report™

Refer Tutor Report (RTR) is a referral system that allows faculty and administrators to refer at-risk students to the support they need. When the referral is sent, the student is instructed to seek tutoring. A separate note is sent directly to the tutor. This process allows the tutoring session to be much more productive as the time needed to get to the heart of the issue is eliminated. The final event is when the referrer receives a notice of the student’s session, as well as the ability to actually review the archived session.

Target at Risk Students
Connect Classroom and Tutoring
Increase Success and Retention