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ComFit is an award-winning, web-based academic support resource that includes highly interactive and seamlessly organized assessments, instructional content, practice exercises, and learning management tools expressly created to help higher-ed institutions produce measurably better learning outcomes for at-risk students.

Peer-Assisted Learning Support

ComFit’s library of interactive instructional tutorials consists of more than 1,200 mini lessons—with a strong emphasis on basic skills in the three core areas that have the most bearing on academic success: reading, writing, and mathematics.

Drill-down Assessments

ComFit’s assessment process does more than simply measure the current level of student proficiency in reading, writing, or mathematics. It drills down to identify (to a granular degree) the specific learning needs of each individual student. The drill-down feedback, in turn, becomes the basis of an automatically generated Individualized Improvement Plan for each student.

Engagement and Confidence

ComFit’s learning model replaces the traditional “present-and-test” learning model with a highly individualized, research-based process that mirrors the structured give-and-take of a well-focused, one-on-one tutoring session. The model emphasizes guided practice and frequent feedback and, with multiple opportunities for success, creates better and more confident learners as well.

Streamlined Learning Management

ComFit’s easy-to-use array of learning management tools enables instructors to significantly reduce the time and effort it typically takes to perform routine administrative tasks (issuing assignments, grading exercises, tracking student progress, etc.) leaving more time to focus on what’s most important: the students.

Use Cases

Test Prep

ComFit offers test preparation resources for Accuplacer, COMPASS, SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests.

Developmental Education Courses

ComFit provides a self-study, technology-based complement for developmental education, especially flipped and blended courses.

Pre-college Bridge Programs

ComFit offers assessment and skill-building for pre-college students before entering college-level courses.

Learning Centers

ComFit complements tutoring programs in learning centers through diagnostics and skill building.

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