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Refer Tutor Report (RTR) was created to simplify the process of referring students to tutoring. Without RTR, instructors and administrators have to follow up on referrals manually, which is time-consuming and can lead to a breakdown in the referral process, limiting its effectiveness.

RTR solves this problem by making the process of referring easy and convenient for everyone involved—instructors, students, tutors, and administrators—so they can perform their tasks to meet students’ needs and ensure information about referrals and tutoring sessions is readily available to others.

The result: students receive the help they need to succeed because nobody is left out of the loop.


Referrals are initiated by instructors and include specific details regarding the areas in which students need to receive help; all subsequent steps are guided by those needs. Students automatically receive email notifications with explicit instructions on how to access tutoring—ensuring they can get help as quickly as possible.

Focused help

Save both time and money without sacrificing any of the accuracy.

Tailored process

Every step in the RTR process is anchored to the needs of the student.


Students are able to get the help they need much more quickly than with typical early alert systems since Refer Tutor Report generates referral notifications that grant students immediate access to WorldWideWhiteboard® or NetTutor®. The result: schools using RTR can expect to see a significant reduction in the number of students who do not follow through on referrals.

Quick tutoring access

Students who receive a referral are provided quick and responsive access to the help they need.


Fast access to tutoring help significantly reduces the number of referred students who fail to follow up on referrals.


Notifications are automatically sent to instructors when students access tutoring after the referral. Instructors and administrators can view reports of tutoring usage to see when students accessed tutoring and how long each session lasted.

Archived Sessions

Instructors have access to archives of their students’ tutoring sessions. They can play back each session as it happened in real time, allowing them to see students and tutors work step-by-step through a problem. This allows instructors to see where students are struggling and provides insight into topics instructors may need to spend more time on in class.

Meet Compliance and Reimbursement Requirements

Administrators can gather—in a matter of seconds—whatever student-by-student history information they may need in order to meet compliance and reimbursement requirements, which reduces the time and effort spent manually compiling the information.

Increase Tutoring Effectiveness

Tutors can be much more effective in tutoring sessions than they would in a typical “walk-in” situation because they have access to the details of what students are struggling with through the referral.

Questions about Refer Tutor Report?

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