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WorldWideWhiteboard was the first online collaborative platform to be developed expressly for the education market by educators who knew the many unique needs of higher education institutions. The most important need was to design a platform that would accommodate the many different types of user groups, whether one-to-many for an online course lecture, one-to-one for online office hours or online tutoring, or student-to-student for group projects that do not necessitate that students physically meet in one location.

WorldWideWhiteboard makes these types of collaboration possible in an easy-to-use, cost-effective manner.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Modes

Multiple collaboration modes are the key to WorldWideWhiteboard’s versatility.

Live, one-to-one mode for conducting tutoring, online office hours, or advising
Live, one-to-many mode for interactive online classes or group tutoring
Live, leaderless peer-to-peer mode for student study groups or group projects
Q&A Center for students to submit questions and retrieve responses later
Paper Center for students to receive writing support through asynchronous paper review
Archives for students to view their previous sessions
Worksheet Center for instructors to upload classwork and retrieve completed worksheets
Notes Center for students to access their own private sandbox for ideas, questions, and thoughts

Market-leading Accessibility

WorldWideWhiteboard includes features that make it the most accessible collaboration platform available. It has a built-in text-to-speech feature that reads text placed on the whiteboard during a live session. WorldWideWhiteboard is the only collaboration platform that allows students to switch to an accessibility-enhanced mode that uses text-based collaboration.

Unique Features

Paper Center

WorldWideWhiteboard’s Paper Center is one of its most-used features, allowing students to submit their written work for review and receive feedback. No other collaboration tool has this feature.

Equation Editor

Students and instructors have access to the most extensive learning tools available. Discussing complex subjects on the whiteboard is simple with its built-in math equation editor. Multiple discipline-specific tool palettes are available as well.


Users can drag and drop pictures, text, and PDFs directly onto the whiteboard to make collaboration even easier.

Screen Sharing

Built-in screen sharing allows instructors and students to view outside programs and web pages.

Mobile Device Support

Students and instructors can use WorldWideWhiteboard on any device without needing to download or install a separate application since it is completely web-based. It works on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices running Android, iOS, or Windows 8/10.

WorldWideWhiteboard for Tutoring Centers

Promote collaboration with a suite of enhanced features.

Ease of use and an expanded toolset ensure that tutors and students remain engaged. Whether tutors use the drag-and-drop functionality to pull images onto the whiteboard and use them as a visual resource or engage students with pertinent video content, students can interact and retain information better than ever.

Complex subject-matter collaboration

is intuitive and easy with integrated discipline-specific buttons; on-the-fly rendering of MathML, LaTeX, and HTML; integrated math equation editor; and expanded multimedia support provided by the HTML5 architecture.

Universal access

requires no custom installations or third party downloads, such as Java. WorldWideWhiteboard supports all HTML5-compliant browsers.

New text-to-speech feature

vocalizes text that students and tutors write to the whiteboard canvas or chat area. This outstanding compliance feature greatly enhances the experience for visually impaired users.

Full-function mobile device support

is the defining characteristic of WorldWideWhiteboard v5. An architectural rewrite in HTML5 allows WorldWideWhiteboard to be accessed on mobile, including Android™, iOS, and Windows® mobile devices.

Pricing Matrix

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum LSI Tutoring Cloud Enterprise
Synchronous Modes
Group with leader
Private, one-on-one
Peer-to-peer, leaderless
Synchronous Max Capacity
Groups 1 10 15 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rooms (up to 25 participants) 1 5 10 25 25 TBD
Asynchronous Modes
Paper Center
Q&A Center
Synchronous archives
Support & Integration
Single Sign-on Integration None Basic LTI1 Basic LTI1 Basic LTI1 Basic LTI1
Additional Products
Refer Tutor Report
Scheduling Tool
Annual License Cost $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $9,500 Contact Us

(1) Basic LTI is supported by all major LMSs, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Moodle, D2L/Brightspace, and Sakai.

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